Jewel Box Wedding

Gate fold wedding invitation featuring the Jewel Box in St. Louis’s Forest Park, illustration and design.

About the project

I had the immense pleasure of creating this wedding invitation for my friends Molly and Alik. Their wedding venue, the Jewel Box in St. Louis’s Forest Park, is a beautiful art deco-era conservatory with so many fun architectural touches and vibrant tropical plant life. I wanted the building to drive the aesthetic of the invitation, which inspired me to brush up on my early 20th century art and design history.

I also explored a new (to me) printing technique—digital metallic inks. This is a smart, economical alternative to foil stamping, and has the benefit of layering on top of CMYK inks to create a wide range of metallic colors. If you look closely, the copper frames and building structure are printed with a subtle metallic sheen. The card opens with a gate fold, and the couple’s stylized portraits flank the invitation itself. My personal moment of pride on this project was when our printer recognized Molly at our press check simply from her portrait.

March 2023 • illustration, design