Franchesca Bloodmarch is going to become a paladin. 

She’s going to join up with a gang of adventurers and see the world. She’s going to get in a lot of fights and flirt with a lot of people. She’s going to uncover a cool magical sword, fight an epic battle with the bad guy, and she’s going to win. 

But before she can do all of that, she has to leave home. Every hero worth their salt has a backstory. This is hers.

About Bloodmarch

In May 2020, my friends and I started a new, fully-remote Dungeons & Dragons campaign (Curse of Strahd, if you’re curious), and I created Franchesca Bloodmarch. She checks all the right RPG boxes for me—big, good, not too smart, kind of slutty, hits hard and does a bit of magic. Just what I like. I adored her.

At this point, my social life centered around this one weekly D&D session, and I poured all my pandemic-bound mental, emotional, and social energy into Franchesca. But eventually, just thinking really hard about her was no longer enough. I needed to draw pictures of Franchesca.

So I did. And here is the result! I adored working on this project. It was a delight from start to finish, and it taught me that making work primarily for myself isn't an artistic dead end. Thank you for reading it.

August 2023 • comics